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One Year Anniversary of “Dinosaurs and Barbarians”!



Today is July 1, 2014, and it has been exactly one year since I created this website to showcase my artwork and writings. I am impressed with what I have accomplished so far. I have posted over fifty entries (I should have put up more, but work and personal problems often got in the way), I have recieved over 4,300 views, and I have over forty subscribers to my blog. The top five “most viewed articles” are:

Acheroraptor: A new “raptor” dinosaur from the Hell Creek Formation   196 views
Attila the Hun   122 views
Triceratops   109 views
Tyrannosaurus rex head 107 views
Map of the Germanic tribes, circa 15 BC   82 views

The “Tyrannosaurus rex head” picture was the first picture that I posted on this website one year ago, and it has remained one of the top five most-viewed pieces of artwork. I was recently contacted by a film/photography company in Britain requesting permission to use it for a video, which I accepted.

Tyrannosaurus rex head

I would also like to thank all of you who commented on my work as well as those who replied to the comments that I placed upon their blogposts. The fact that you actually take the time to look at my material and read what I have to say means a lot to me.

Now that the semester is over and I’m off for summer vacation (all of my students passed with flying colors!), I can afford to do a little more drawing. I look foward to putting some more artwork and articles up here for you to look at, and I also look foward to your commentary.


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