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50 posts!!!



I have just reached a milestone. This post marks the 50th blog entry for my website “Dinosaurs and Barbarians”.

I freely admit that I haven’t published as often as I should. My artwork has taken a back-seat to work, my own studies (I’m studying for a certification in wildlife and forestry conservation), my writing, and looking for a job. That’s why you haven’t seen any of my drawings lately. Maybe once my hectic life tones down a little, I can get a chance to relax and do some illustration.

I had become frustrated with looking for illustration-related jobs, and so I took a chance and went into business for myself. I set up this blog as an outlet for my research interests, as a showcase for my artwork, and also to act as a giant billboard for my artistic talent and gain art commissions from museums, magazines, or books. I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far in terms of social popularity. Since I put this blog up in July 2013, I’ve had over 3,300 views and have gained 42 followers. I’m still waiting for those art commissions. I wonder if John Sibbick or Doug Henderson had trouble when they first started.


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