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Goodbye, 2013



Hello to all of my fans!

It’s New Years’ Eve as I’m writing this. For some strange reason, the clock setting on this website is about five hours ahead, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m typing it at 4:00 PM, but it says 9:00 PM on the website. Oh well.

I can’t believe that Dinosaurs and Barbarians has been on the web for six months already. Doesn’t time fly? It’s been an interesting half-year run. So far, according to my website stats, 28 people are registered followers on my blog, and I have accrued over 1,400 visits represented by 52 countries. I got the most visits from:

#5 – France

#4 – Germany

#3 – Australia

#2 – Canada

#1 – The USA (the overwhelming majority, with over 900 visits)

I also feel compelled to say that since I advertised my book Four Days in September: The Battle of Teutoburg (published by Trafford Publishing, 2013) on this website, my book sales have increased. To anyone out there who purchased a copy after reading about it here, thank you! I hope that you enjoyed it and found it interresting. If you have read it, I would like to get some feedback – that way, I can improve my writing style for any future publications.

I’m also happy to see that my post on the Garvies Point Museum (Glen Cove, Nassau County, New York) has attracted a lot of attention from you. I really want people to see this blog and visit that place. It’s a small museum, but I really feel that it’s worth the trip. Really, where else are you going to see mosasaur coprolites?

My most-viewed post is “Acheroraptor: A new ‘raptor’ dinosaur from the Hell Creek Formation”, with 68 views. That’s impressive, since I only posted it last week. My post “Tyrannosaurus rex head”, the first artwork which I posted on this blog back in July, got the second-most votes; it has remained steadily popular for six months.

I look forward to putting more posts on this blog, including more artwork and more articles. Stay tuned, take care, and have a happy knew year!!!

All of my best to my history and paleontology-loving friends,

Jason R. Abdale



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