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Any suggestions for illustrations?



I’ve noticed something surprising on my blog stats. I’m glad that I’ve gotten a lot of views on my paleontology-related illustrations which show dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. For two weeks, in fact, my post on Pachycephalosaurus was my most-viewed blog post, which shows that people are interested in this subject matter.

However, when I added my latest illustration, a portrait of Attila the Hun (one of my favorite characters in history), my views suddenly slackened off. In fact, when I looked at my view chart today, I noticed that the number of views that my website has per day has steadily decreased per day. Needless to say, I started to get worried. I’m wondering if this has something to do with my latest blog entry. Have I perhaps offended all of my fellow paleo-buffs out there by posting something regarding ancient history instead of pre-history? Maybe you want to see more dinosaur drawings? I don’t know.

Rather than randomly shuffle out drawings and see which ones you like through a long and aggravating process of trial-and-error, I have decided to be a little more democratic and ask you the people for suggestions. What kind of drawings do YOU want me to do? I will seriously consider any suggestions.

Maybe you’d like to see more articles? I’m willing to do some research and writing if that’s what you want, as well.

Of course, I don’t know what you want unless you actually tell me! So far, the number of comments on this website has been minimal, but the few that I’ve gotten have been positive. I would like some more feedback, especially with this lastest “ask and ye shall recieve” plea.

I eagerly await what you have to say. Take care everyone.


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