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Troodon drawing

This is a drawing that I made for Prehistoric Times magazine last year. It shows Troodon formosus, a six-foot carnivorous theropod dinosaur which lived in western North America during the late Cretaceous Period. Troodon was one of the “raptor” dinosaurs, more properly known scientifically as Deinonychosauria, named after one of its most famous members Deinonychus. The raptors are divided into two groups: the dromaeosaurids and the troodontids. The dromaeosaurids (including Deinonychus, Velociraptor, and Utahraptor) were generally stockier and more muscular with shorter legs, while the troodontids were lean with long legs and were obviously good runners. As you can see, this creature has feathers. Many raptor fossils show evidence of feathers, either actual preserved feather impressions, or marks or structures on the bones which suggest the presence of feathers. For many years (certainly ever since I was a child)Troodon has also held the title of possibly being the most intelligent of all of the dinosaurs. This is because the ratio of the size of its brain compared to the size of its body was much narrower in gap compared to other dinosaurs, whose bodies may have weighed several tons but their brains may have only weighed a few pounds. However, I highly doubt that Troodon would have been able to figure out how to open doors, the way that Velociraptor could do in the movie Jurassic Park.



  1. […] It was an improvement (though not by much) of an earlier feathered raptor drawing that I had done: Troodon. Due to the rushed need to get a drawing out as quickly as possible, I didn’t spend a whole […]

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